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How to Spend a Day in Trastevere, Rome

When I visited Rome with mom (I took her on a mystery trip for her 60th birthday to Amsterdam, Rome, Vatican, Naples and Pompeii!), we had the pleasure of quickly stopping by Trastevere for dinner on our last evening there. Unfortunately our busy schedule did not permit space for exploring this intriguing part of Rome …

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Italy Travel

A Quick Guide to Visiting Pompeii

One place in Italy that I find to be tremendously interesting and important, but hardly ever seem to hear of these days, is Pompeii. If you’re still unfamiliar with the place, Pompeii was a city that was nearly entirely destruct when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. Today it boasts as an intriguing and historically …

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10 Great Things to Do in Bucharest

Mom couldn’t really understand why I would’ve bought plane tickets to see Romania, especially since she’d just been for a day a few months back and hadn’t found it to be anything special. And frankly, it hadn’t been super high on my list besides Transylvania, either. But when the Black Friday sales came around and …

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7 Yummy Places to Eat in Bucharest

In my previous post, I talked about taking a day trip to Transylvania, which admittedly was the main purpose of my visit to Romania. However, I had plenty of time to explore and enjoy Bucharest as well, quickly finding out that the food scene in the capital is pretty great! After sampling out a couple …

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Romania Travel

Take an Amazing Day Trip to Transylvania

I recently went on a 5-day holiday to Bucharest, during which I looked into possibilities for seeing other parts of Romania as well. Sadly, I did not find having enough time to comfortably visit more than one place, but took the opportunity to join a day trip to Transylvania with one of Get Your Guide’s …

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Denmark Travel

14 Spectacular Things to Do in Copenhagen

At nearly 29 years worth of age, I finally ventured further into Nordic countries than Sweden, and my native Finland, visiting Copenhagen for the first time. Although the weather wasn’t good for majority of it, I had quite an incredible holiday, and made many amazing memories. Based on my experiences, I now wanted to share …

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Places to Chill and Eat in Copenhagen

To be perfectly honest, I’m quite surprised I managed to visit this many places to eat in Copenhagen, plus the many coffee shops I went through, considering the price rate in the city coupled with my keenness to be more sensible with my money this year. The cafes and restaurants I’m about to introduce below …

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