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Best Brunch in Seoul: Don’t Miss These 12 Spots!

As many of us already know, brunch is the greatest things ever invented for the food lovers – it’s an insanely lovely way to live a little and indulge after what has undoubtedly been a long week. This isn’t my first article written for the sake of brunch in Seoul (and who knows if it will be my last, either), but it is one that I am especially happy with. As much as I love traditional brunch, I’ve always been a fiend for exploring and experimenting. This was something that was also integral in forming this list, though I do stand by in my statement that these are some of the best brunch in Seoul, if not the best brunch in Seoul.

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Location: 서울 영등포구 문래로 92-5 / 92-5 Mullae-ro Yeongdeungpo-gu

How does a layered brunch sound like to you? Because it sounds marvellous to me! Tucked away on the streets of Mullae, it may not be the closest place to get to, but it will also encourage you to check out the murals and small art alleyways of Mullae. And unlike Bing Bong (another great choice for a layered brunch), La Cresenta offers a fully vegetarian choice of menu.

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Location: 서울 마포구 동교로46길 23 / 23 Donggyo-ro 46-gil Mapo-gu

I loved this spot so much I even made a whole review post for it! Though a lot of people say the like Grain for their burgers, for me it’s the create your own brunch that gets my heart. Basically, you choose an X amount of foods from the list given, and then you eat it!

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Location: 서울 송파구 오금로16길 4 / 4 Ogeum-ro 16-gil Songpa-gu

Once Jamsil’s hottest brunch spot, it’s still worthy of a visit today. There’s a plethora of baked goods available, but it’s the behind-the-kitchen stuff that must end up on your plate. They’ve got interesting open sandwich combinations on offer, and for the more health conscious ones, salads as well.



Location: 서울 광진구 능동로 237 / 237 Neungdong-ro Gwangjin-gu

Yes, that is a burger in the picture. And yes, it may also be one of the best burgers I’ve ever had that’s in the picture! This Gunja located restaurant also largely serves as a cafe, and is a great, if not unique, choice for your next brunch outing. While they offer more traditional brunch items as well, I couldn’t resist combining my burger with a coffee, one of the glorious sets that they’ve got to offer!

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Location:서울 광진구 능동로 18 / 18 Neungdong-ro Gwangjin-gu

A small and quiet little cafe right by Ttukseom Resort, A Room has such a good food menu it’s hard to choose just one item to eat. Eh, who are we kidding – you’re not going to choose just one! Although there is only one kind of a yoghurt bowl available – though there may be seasonal changes to the toppings – they have a few different kinds of sandwiches to take your pick from, some more Western fusion, others rather typically Korean.



Location: 서울 마포구 양화로8길 16-22 / 16-22 Yanghwa-ro 8-gil Mapo-gu

They have other items on the menu, but I’ve never quite been able to see past the divine salmon bagel. It’s dazzled me so much I’ve actually gone back more than once for it, and thus unfortunately given very little thought to their other salty items. What I do know, however, is that their desserts are also pretty bomb and perfect to combine with your meal, especially if you’re going to spend a little while in there. 



Location: 서울 광진구 아차산로31길 40 / 40 Achasan-ro 31-gil Gwangjin-gu

An accidental Konkuk University neighborhood find, Daughter is a hybrid of a cafe, brunch spot, and a dining space, or at least I was confused as to what it was predominantly supposed to be. As in, before walking in I thought it was a cafe for the most part, but inside I didn’t get that impression at all? Nevertheless, their brunch menu IS. THE. BOMB. Waffles with bacon and cheese and eggs? Yes, yes, YES! It was delicious, and such a filling meal you’ll actually go a couple of hours without thinking about food – even if you’re me!  



Location: 서울 광진구 능동로 166 / 166 Neungdong-ro Gwangjin-gu

And one more for Konkuk University! Although Rainy Rain only has one type of a brunch plate available, you’ll be happy to know it was not only one of the best brunch plates I’ve had recently, but also probably the cheapest. So if you’re not awfully picky about what needs to be found on your brunch plate and appreciate brunching on a budget, this is the perfect spot for you.



Location: 서울 성동구 아차산로9길 8 / 8 Achasan-ro 9-gil Seongdong-gu

If you remember this post, then you already know that Onion, located near Seongsu Station, is one of my all time favorite cafes in Seoul, and one of the few I’ve actually regularly visited over the years. Their salty pastries and sandwiches are out of this world delicious, and the perfect fit as breakfast or brunch. I definitely recommend treating yourself to one of their strawberry desserts after, before moving onto anything else on your day’s to do list.



Location: 서울 강남구 삼성로67길 50 / 50 Samseong-ro 67-gil Gangnam-gu

I’m the first to admit that this tiny little cafe is a little bit out of your way, tucked away on smaller streets of Gangnam (specifically the Hanti area). But not only is the interior straight up goals for me, the toast was a delicious and a unique add to my day. Another one that may not be your typical brunch, but it’s so much more than just dessert or a toast!



Location: 서울 성동구 서울숲2길 32-14 / 32-14 Seoulsup 2-gil Seongdong-gu

Is there anything else to do after a morning of exploring Seoul Forest than to pop by a nearby restaurant and indulge in some yummy brunch? I don’t think so! Whatever you order from here, you’re going to fall in love, but my personal favorites are the chicken caesar salad and the chili shrimp open sandwiches. You can also find them on Yogiyo if you happen to live close enough! Brunch brought directly to your home door just might be the greatest thing that ever happened!



Location: 서울 마포구 어울마당로 45 / 45 Eoolmadang-ro Mapo-gu

Moving over to the other side of Seoul, this is definitely Hongdae’s brunch darling. It’s ridiculous how few pictures you’ll find of it online considering how popular it seems to be among just about everyone I know! Well, well-pictured or not, their brunch menu is delicious, and there are great beverage options to choose from as well. It’s also a rather big cafe so you’ll likely get to have quite a bit of space, peace and quiet to yourself and your entourage.


Where will your stomach lead you to for your next brunch adventure? Let me know in the comments!

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