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How to Shop in Korea When You’re Not Size 0

I was requested to write a post regarding shopping for clothes in Korea if you’re plus size so to speak, so here goes nothing. I’m not sure with how much authority I can speak with as my body definitely differs from an average Korean’s, but simultaneously I’m still small enough to fit into a lot of the clothes on sale at the street shops here. You can see some examples of me wearing Korean fashion items here, here and here. Nevertheless, here are some tips on how to shop in Korea when you’re not size 0. The title is as is simply for catchiness.

01. Shop the Western brands. While the sizes for Forever21 seem to keep shrinking, the likes of H&M and Zara still seem to be doing OK for those of us who are curvier than Koreans. Even if it means we’ll most likely be buying size L. Not entirely sure if either shop carries larger sizes than that, however. This may not be the most ideal way to shop in Korea, but it is a decent option if you’re staying for a long time.

02. Shop at GMarket. Although GMarket is almost exclusively selling cheap Korean items, it does have a great range available to browse from the comfort of your couch. Not only that, but with all the different options and shops available, there are also many that not only sell slightly larger sizes, but there are also measurements readily available. So, you’ll need to measure yourself before moving forward with your shopping spree, but once you’ve got all that down, you can move onto driving yourself crazy with decisions. I’ve personally bought most of my bottoms from GMarket, since I do like Korean style more than Western in many aspects, but also have way wider waist, hips, and thighs to fit into a lot of the tiny tiny clothes that are regular Korean size.

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03. Shop the oversized items. Koreans, especially ladies, love their oversized items. They may not always fit us quite the same (aka the summer when I was at my heaviest and I saw this girl wear the same dress as me, only for her it was super big and on me it was a bodycon), but it’ll fit nevertheless. And in many occasions, the items are actually big enough to be oversized on us as well! Heck, I once bought an off shoulder top so big that I was sure it’d just fall right off a girl with even slightly narrower shoulders!

04. Shop from overseas clothing stores. Yeah, sometimes we’ll just have to bite the bullet and admit we gotta get our clothes from outside of Korea. Absolutely no shame in that, though, since good ol’ Internet is full of great places to shop, and oftentimes the delivery fees abroad aren’t even that bad to pay. After all, we’d rather shop online than wear tops or dresses that make us feel like we have to cut our ribs out of our body, or have our butts flinging out for all the world to see because those skirts just weren’t made for us. A lot of people like to concentrate their shopping at ASOS, I’ve also fancied Zaful a lot myself.

Do you have any more suggestions for shops in Korea that sell for average sized women? Better yet, do you know shops in Korea that sell for larger women? Let me know in the comments so I can add it to this post and help out even more people with how to shop in Korea!